The Dexpools Netswap IDO and Copperlaunch Hybrid Fundraise — Dexpools

  • The price point will be $.5 USDC per DXP
  • An allocation of $500k will be available
  • The method of allocation is overflow — meaning oversubscription is possible and refunds will be processed proportionate to the USDC amount users deposit
  • You must go to and stake NETT to receive WNETT, which will give you the right to deposit USDC during the IDO period (see more details on the Netswap IDO process here:
  • To prevent the following Copperlaunch auction from being influenced by tokens in the IDO, the token unlock will occur on April 8th, 2022
  • 25% of tokens will be unlocked on April 8th, with the remaining amount vested linearly over 6 months
  • The price point will vary depending on demand, but will slowly lower from $4.20
  • We are officially curated by Bal Intern, a respected auditor of projects on the Copperlauch platform
  • The reverse auction will be held on Ethereum via the USDC (see more info on participating here:
  • All tokens will be unlocked on purchase
  • Liquidity Pools opened up on both Ethereum and Metis
  • Single sided staking rewards pools
  • CEX listings (in negotiations with several large central exchanges)



Trade your tokens off-market on the world’s premiere smart contract OTC brokerage platform. $DXP Twitter:

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