Last Call for Dexpools Open Beta — Dexpools

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Four more days until the end of the Dexpools Open Beta! The beta event will officially end at 11pm UTC on Feb 1, which means there is still time for participants to swap and qualify for $DXP airdrops and the opportunity to be whitelisted for the private sale event prior to IDO.

The team has also pushed our latest feature update, which will introduce a variety of features including ‘Asset Explorer’.

Asset Explorer allows users to search connected wallets for any token, allowing for discovery of trading opportunities from our community.

The introduction of features including partial trades, multi-token acceptance, and other functionality has received positive feedback but we would absolutely love additional feedback on Asset Explorer. We believe it will be valuable to traders looking to create deals, but data from our community will be crucial to determining the usefulness of this new feature.

The Dexpools team has also been hard at work behind the scenes creating the necessary architecture to support NFT swaps, limit orders, and other value adds that will turn Dexpools into the core peer to peer platform for every major chain and ecosystem. A more detailed article on the mentioned functionality will be published closed to our platform launch date.

Here you can find the Dexpools OTC p2p crypto trading platform.

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