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3 min readMay 10, 2022


With our P2P OTC product launch on our first two chains (Metis and Ethereum) and the conclusion of our fundraising campaign in April, our team felt like it only made sense to share an update with our community about our momentum in April and the Dexpools roadmap for the next few months.

A few things we will cover in this update:

Our cumulative fundraise between Copperlaunch, IDO, and private rounds raised $2.5 million in value, which gives us runway to rapidly expand and accelerate our roadmap.

The operational load has been heavier in April than any other month for good reason. Fundraising is just the beginning of our journey to becoming the premiere P2P and Limit Order platform in DeFi, and our team has been busy making sure that the legal, recruiting, training, marketing, and product delivery aspects of Dexpools are 100% ready for us to achieve our goals for 2022.

The team has been hard at work to ensure we are ready for our multi-chain P2P OTC launch coming very soon. Our OTC product is top of mind as we look to improve the experience to serve OTC traders — but we also have two other products in development: Limit Order and NFT Trading.

P2P OTC Trading

  • Focus on improving the onboarding experience (what users see on the dashboard)
  • Open chat testing
  • Back-end architecture to support better analytics in the future
  • Trading contest infrastructure for our next chain launch (what could this be?)

Limit Order

  • Successfully tested Limit Order across several chains
  • UI is 90% complete for our first beta test

NFT Swapping

  • Smart contracts complete
  • User testing in-progress to ensure experience is as smooth as possible
  • Front-end programming started

The strength of a team is one of the most important factors to a startup’s success — and we have been making major moves to recruit and onboard the best of the best.

A quick overview of our hires in the last month:

Business / Ops

  • Berke Sengel — VP of Partnerships
  • Anthony Oko — Operations Director
  • Reptile Presidente — Chief Marketing Officer

Development / Product

  • Philip Acho — Senior Fullstack Engineer
  • Juan Velez — Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Gabriel Cartier — NFT Product Owner / Engineer
  • Jean-Francois Cartier — NFT Blockchain Engineer
  • Lukasz Piliszczuk — Senior Fullstack Engineer

More will be shared on our recent hires very soon!

We are currently looking for a content writer so if you’re interested in joining our team, then please apply.

April has been a big month for us in terms of partnerships, and we will continue to pursue win-win relationships with major chains, decentralized projects, and investors.

Partnerships Announced

The P2P trading ecosystem is thriving, with billions in value traded every month. Our focus over the next months will be on scaling out the OTC platform to serve more chains while optimizing the experience to support deal flow, execution of trades, and integrations.

A few items on our roadmap:

  • Beta testing for Limit Order DEX — May
  • Launch on a chain with more than $10 billion in TVL (announcement coming soon) — Late May
  • A trading competition with thousands in rewards — June
  • CEX listing on a top 10 exchange — June
  • NFT Swapping — Sneakpeaks in June, beta in July
  • DEX integrations and announcements — June
  • Rome Terminal integration — June

Partner integrations will be key to scaling and growth for Dexpools

Marketing is going to support each of these major events. One thing we want to reiterate is that our project does not market our $DXP token without substance behind the marketing. Our stance has always been the same — that we are going to build great infrastructure for the DeFi community, and the $DXP token is 100% tied to the utility of the Dexpools platform.

Thank you,

Dexpools Team

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