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2 min readMay 16, 2022


BNB chain is known for its vast ecosystem, millions of traders, and thousands of projects launching every month with associated tokens — all factors that contribute to a thriving peer-to-peer trading economy. Dexpools will launch its P2P OTC application on June 7, 2022, enabling traders to trade BNB chain tokens OTC via private and public trades.

In addition to the official launch of the Dexpools OTC trading platform on the BNB chain, the Dexpools platform will deploy a high-paced trading competition that will last approximately two weeks.

The BNB chain trading competition details will be released in further details over the next week leading up to the official launch, but several exciting are ready to share:

  • Prizes will include stablecoins, exclusive NFTs, and other DeFi surprises totaling more than $50,000 USDC in value
  • Winners will be selected based on acquired points that can be accrued through qualifying trades, referrals, and other activities
  • Traders can ‘gamble’ their luck by spending points on mystery boxes that contain varying prizes ranging from rare NFTs to Dexpools NFTs offering unique benefits

The tentative schedule for the BNB chain is as such:

June 7 — Official BNB chain launch and support

June 7 to June 21 — Trading Competition period

June 24 — Trading Competition prize claim period starts

We look forward to sharing more about the BNB chain launch in the next coming weeks and cannot wait to bring the power of Dexpools OTC to one of the largest ecosystems in the DeFi space!

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