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2 min readFeb 17, 2022

First of all, the Dexpools team wants to thank our community for your support and feedback. The open beta enabled our team to validate our OTC trading platform and also enhance our experience in a variety of ways due to the suggestions provided.

Our IDO date is confirmed to be in early March (exact date pending), which drives the timeline of Feb 17 to March 4th as our community private sale period.

General information on the community private sale:

  • $200k has been allocated to the community private sale
  • The private sale price will be $.35 per DXP token
  • We have decided to expand our allowlist to a total of 900 addresses
  • Closed beta participants
  • Open beta participants
  • Raffle and contest winners
  • Allowlist addresses will be provided in Discordif your address is missing and you believe you qualify, please create a ticket and our team will review your request
  • If your wallet address is not on the allowlist, you may still register for our reserve list, which will be ordered by FCFS at registration time. Users who participated in our beta but did not transact will be prioritized first on the reserve list.
  • Please refer to the graphic at the start of this article: The private sale process has been divided into several stages.

[Stage 1] Private sale registration: Feb 17 — Feb 21 (7am UTC)

Registration open for allowlisting:

  • Via a Google form. You can find the link HERE
  • Enter your wallet address + desired allocation amount (between $200 and $5,000)
  • Users allowlisted must also complete the form above in order to participate in the KYC process and guarantee their allocation
  • After registration is complete, the Dexpools team will review all registered users and ensure all information is accurate and ready to proceed to the KYC stage

[Stage 2] KYC registration: Feb 23 — Feb 27 (7am UTC)

After closure of the KYC registration period, the Dexpools team will review all applications:

[Stage 3] Publish all allowlisted addresses: Feb 28

[Stage 4] Deposit funds: Feb 28 — March 4 (7am UTC)

  • Accepted stablecoins: USDC.e on Avalanche, USDC on Ethereum, BUSD on Binance Smart Chain
  • Wallets deposit their committed allocation in Dexpools private sale wallet address, which will be provided

[Stage 5] DXP claim : March 4 — Copperlaunch Event

  • All wallets depositing after the announcement commitment deadlines will be marked for refunds
  • If more than $200k is deposited in Stage 4, then refunds will be issued based on percentage of overflow
  • Dexpools will send the equivalent amount of DXP token allocations to each wallet after the completion of the Copperlaunch event (early to mid March but exact date TBD).

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