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3 min readApr 5, 2022


Support for the rapidly growing Arbitrum ecosystem comes after the initial launch of the Dexpools peer-to-peer trading application on April 12th, 2022 with support for Metis and Ethereum.

Traders will be able to swap securely privately or publicly utilizing the Quantstamp audited smart-contract escrow, avoiding slippage and market impact.

Our team has always looked at Arbitrum as an ecosystem with an extremely potent combination of strengths. Arbitrum has been proven to be a chain with strong developer support, an expanding DeFi space, and a very professional core team — which gives us all the confidence that it will be one of the mainstays of the highly competitive crypto space. We are thrilled to work with one of the most promising Layer 2 ecosystems.

-Dan Peng, Co-Founder of Dexpools

Dexpools is creating a novel market for token swaps outside of automated market makers. We also look forward to seeing the NFT swapping capabilities that Dexpools will provide to our growing NFT ecosystem .

-Peter Haymond, Partnerships Lead, Offchain Labs

With an increasing amount of tokens and projects launching on Arbitrum, swapping peer-to-peer outside of AMMs has become an increasing need within the Arbitrum community. Dexpools will support direct trading between parties, allowing users to choose a safe, no-slippage, low fee option for their swaps. Also in the near-term roadmap is support for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, allowing gamers and NFT collectors to easily swap their assets on Dexpools.

Also included in the integration:

  • Search for tokens on Arbitrum in all integrated wallets and send trade offers using the Asset Explorer tool
  • Chat with wallet addresses / users and negotiate deals
  • List trades publicly for any party to fill, or send a private offer between single parties

The Arbitrum public launch is currently scheduled for deployment on May 17, 2022 and will also include support chains including Ethereum, Metis, BSC, Polygon and other ecosystems.

What’s Next?

The Dexpools team plans to integrate a limit order platform and P2P NFT swaps for the Arbitrum ecosystem in Q2. The limit order service will also allow any DEX to easily integrate the Dexpools UI and smart contracts into their existing automated exchanges — allowing for powerful CEX-like experiences for users.

About Dexpools

DEXPOOLS is a decentralized, peer to peer (P2P) OTC DeFi platform. Individual buyers and sellers are able to create trade offers bound to specific wallets and execute a trade via smart contracts. There is no need for an escrow custodian or any trusted third party in the process.

Both buyers and sellers can set up swaps with literally zero slippage or impact on low liquidity markets. The only cost to use the platform is a low transaction fee for both trading parties vs the high slippage seen on most DEXs which can at times exceed 20–30%.

Our Whitepaper: Dexpools P2P OTC crypto brokerage platform Whitepaper

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