Balancer Intern Joins Dexpools as Key Advisor — Dexpools

1 min readFeb 25, 2022

DeFi veteran Balancer Intern joins the Dexpool team on its quest to destroy trade inefficiencies like slippage and provide the crypto ecosystem with a one-stop shop for p2p OTC swapping, decentralized limit orders, and treasury management.

As a marketing contributor for the massive Balancer ecosystem and the first (and only) official curator of decentralized fundraising platform Copperlaunch via, Balancer Intern has a reputation for finding the best projects in the DeFi ecosystem and sharing data driven facts to investors and communities across various chains.

‘Dexpools piqued my interest very early on with their multi-chain OTC dApp, and after seeing the team continue to build out NFT swapping and limit orders even before their public fundraise, I knew we had a special project in front of us. I believe we will continue to see growing interest in projects with multi-chain and cross-chain ambitions, and Dexpools fits right in that category.’

@balintern on Twitter

We look forward to working with Balancer Intern and his amazing community as we continue to build out our vision of supporting traders on their DeFi journeys.

Dexpools Team

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